The Tepco Coffeecup Chair - Richmond Museum of History

My latest public art installation, is the Tepco Coffeecup Chair.  Unfortunately, it is not currently displayed as it is going under renovations.  However, you may still view the video below.
 This chair is a functional contemporary loveseat which references the now-defunct Technical Porcelain and China Ware Company factory of Richmond, California.  From 1918 through 1968, Tepco produced dinnerware for restaurants and institutions, as well as the US Navy's Pacific Fleet, including the Liberty and Victory ships which were built in the Richmond Shipyards during World War II.
Broken and imperfect porcelain dinnerware was routinely dumped along the Richmond bayshore, where I gathered the wave-tumbled shards for this mosaic work. The shape and "Sunglow" color of this piece refer directly to the most popular coffee cups produced by Tepco. It is meant as an homage to the factory and to the men and women who worked there, and in the shipyards. I like to imagine them eating dinner and drinking coffee from Tepco ware in the local restaurants and cafes where they spent their hard-earned money after work. In fact, Tepco porcelain is still in use in several local establishments.