Art Unveiling at Annie's Annuals

My Art Unveiling of the Mosaic Chapel at Annie's Annuals and Perennials, was held on Mother's Day 2010.

The Allegorical Reliquary Mosaic Chapel Fountain is my first freestanding but portable room-sized installation.  The inspiration for the piece came from a combination of the weeping walls in Zion National Park and the graceful and elegant roofless ruins of ancient Irish chapels.  Made of mosaic and stucco on polymer-fortified concrete, fiberglass mesh, polystyrene foam armature, stainless steel reservoirs, submersible pumps. The chapel configuration is relatively plain on the outside with colorful mosaic narratives on the inside such as those in Ravenna Italy. The “art unveiling” process creates a moment in time when my sculpture installation becomes alive with local community dancers and the audience – a thrilling experience.

Dancers from El Cerrito High School were on hand to provide entertainment during the unveiling, complete with custom designed headdresses and outfits to help emphasize the Chapel.