Current Sculpture on display:

Passion Chair
Stained Glass Garden
Fourth Street, Berkeley

Allegorical Reliquary / Mosaic Chapel
Annies Annuals & Perennials
Retail Nursery Richmond


Exhibitions and Events

April/May 2015
Sherri Warner Hunter
SWH Art Studio Inc
Internship Program
October 2011
Richmond History Museum
Richmond, CA

October 2008
“The Allegorical Reliquary Mosaic Chapel Fountain”
Museum of Man
Balboa Park, San Diego

March 2006
High Risk Gallery
Chicago, IL

January 2004
“Spoonful of Sugar”
Museo ItaloAmericano
San Francisco, CA

February 2003
“Adam & Eve”
Turn of the Century Fine Arts Gallery
Berkeley, CA

August 2002
“Farmers Fate”
Wildwood Sculpture Garden
Kenwood, CA

May 2001
“Fountain of Flowers”
Garden of Art International Sculpture Exhibit
Bellingham, WA

June 1997 - April 2002
Trash to Treasures
Annual Junk Art Competition
Oakland, CA

June 2006
“Tidal Zone Series”
Berkeley Studio – Ward Street
Berkeley, CA

March 1995
“Grandma’s Dishes”
Café Espresso
Fairfax, CA

June 1994 - April 1997
Pro Arts Eastbay Open Studios
Richmond Studio